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Accura® ABS Black (SL 7820)

Rigid and tough material that allows users to build black parts without painting. Simulates and replaces CNC-machined black ABS articles for functional assemblies and short-run production parts.

Key Benefits:

  • Users can build accurate, robust parts in black color without painting
  • Throughput is increased with minimal part finishing

Designed for use on solid state SLA® platforms to build automotive parts, consumer packaging, electronics housing, toys, etc.

Applications include:

  • End-use parts that would typically be injection molded with ABS
  • Automotive components
  • Electronic housings
  • Toys
  • Master patterns for vacuum casting

Accura ABS Black was also previously marketed under the VisiJet® SL Black name for the ProJet 6000 and 7000 printers.


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