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3D Printing Services

Our company applying 3D Systems’ printer fleet and is able to take orders of short notice, even rapid prototyping and small series products. Based on the 3D printing technology, rapid prototyping is now available opening new horizons for engineers, designers, architects, jewelers and in the near future also doctors. Thanks to 3D printing, ideas dreamed up on the computer screen can within a few days become a tangible reality and be tested. The newly developed materials and high dimensional accuracy allows designers to immediately try out the parts they designed in practice. A company using 3D printing technology during the development process of its products can largely reduce development time and cost compared to conventional production technologies giving the company a significant competitive advantage. Additional benefit for the developers is that once they possess a perfect full size 3D model of the product they are able to immediately start small-scale production with the 3D printing devices.

New challenges for the industry

Since the emergence of 3D printing technology design engineers are facing completely new challenges. It is not only that manufacturing equipment used so far can be replaced with a completely new technology. Much more is at stake! 3D printing has not been used in the industrial production. But this technology allows for a workpiece consisting of multiple parts to be manufactured as a single unit of production.


Parts produced with traditional technology:

5 different parts produced individually

15 built-in piece parts

3 tools

10 checks during production


Parts produced with 3D printing technology:

1 custom-made item

1 built-in piece part

0 tools

1 check during production


This greatly reduced the manufacturing, assembly and inspection costs. Components redesigned to be produced with 3D printing technology will be more integrated, and will have their weight and size reduced..

Rapid prototyping using 3D printing offers innovative solutions for quickly developing industries. It is well-observed in recent years how the car industry produces entirely new car designs in a speed newer before seen. This would bew impossible without the use of 3D printing technology. Nowadays walking down the path from a newly invented car design idea to a testable prototype needs no more than half a year.


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