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Accura ClearVue

High clarity plastic for a multitude of applications. A plastic that simulates the properties and appearance of Polycarbonate and ABS.


  • General purpose prototyping
  • Models requiring high clarity
    • Headlamps and lenses
    • Fluid flow and visualization models
    • Transparent assemblies
  • Snapfits and complex assemblies
  • Medical models and medical devices


  • The highest clarity and transparency
  • Durable and strong
  • Humidity and moisture stable
  • USP class VI capable


Printers using this material

ProJet 6000 HD
ProJet 6000 HD

Highest 3D printed quality and accuracy for small to medium sized parts

ProX 800
ProX 800

SLA quality at high throughput to address the broadest range of applications

ProX 950
ProX 950

All the benefits of SLA 3D printing in extra-large format