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Accura CastPro Free (SL7800)

Highly accurate material for stable, high quality 3D printed investment casting patterns for aerospace, free of heavy metals using QuickCast build style.

Key Benefits:

  • Antimony-free materials makes it ideal for aerospace investment casting patterns
  • Users can build accurate and tough parts that retain dimensions and impact resistance over time without switching vat for different applications
  • Less part finishing time with ease of post-curing
  • Higher quality casting masters for the investment casting parts

Designed for use on solid state SLA® platforms, RenShape® SLA® 7800 is suitable for master patterns, concept models, functional prototypes and general parts.


Printers using this material

ProX 800
ProX 800

SLA quality at high throughput to address the broadest range of applications

ProX 950
ProX 950

All the benefits of SLA 3D printing in extra-large format