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Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 20

Fatigue Resistant Black Plastic, with the Look and Feel of Production Polypropylene

Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 20 is a flexible, high impact-resistant material for extremely durable black parts with look and feel of production polypropylene. Great for functional prototypes, enclosures and assemblies, as well as short-run production parts, this fatigue resistant material provides outstanding flexibility and accuracy, enabling many applications.


  • Functional assemblies and prototypes
    • Automotive styling parts
    • Consumer goods and electronic components
    • Containers and enclosures
    • Product design
  • Master patterns for RTV/silicone molding
  • Concept and marketing models


  • Reliable and robust functional prototypes
  • Excellent mechanical properties and accuracy
  • Beautiful black parts with look and feel of molded black polypropylene
  • Improved environmental stability of mechanical and performance properties over time


  • High elongation at break and notched impact strength
  • Lower tensile modulus
  • Engineered for long term environmental stability
  • Easy to clean



  • Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 20
  • Printers using this material

    Figure 4 Modular
    Figure 4 Modular

    Scalable, semi-automated 3D manufacturing solution designed to scale with growth

    Figure 4 Standalone
    Figure 4 Standalone

    Ultra-fast and affordable for same day prototyping and low-volume production