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DuraForm ProX GF (SLS)

Composite (SLS)

A glass-filled engineering plastic with high stiffness for durable prototypes and low to mid –volume production parts that require elevated stiffness, isotropic properties and heat resistance. Providing excellent surface finish with high resolution,  its improved thermal resistence is unmatched with unfilled materials.

DuraForm ProX GF (gf stands for glass-filled) can replace molded and CNC-machined glass and mineral-filled plastic articles for short-run production. Fuel and oil resistance make it perfect for automotive and aerospace applications. The material is ideal for prototypeing since it is easy to process.

Applications include:

  • Durable prototypes that require elevated stiffness and heat resistance;
  • Low to mid volume direct manufacturing of end-use parts;
  • Automotive/under the hood, intake manifolds and other rigid high-temperature components;
  • Aerospace/aviation and motorsports parts;
  • Enclosures, cases, covers and housings that require more stiffness;
  • Jigs and fixtures, power tools and small engine components;
  • Sporting goods;
  • Thermoforming and hydroforming.


  • DuraForm ProX GF (SLS)
  • Printers using this material